The negative remarks by UNAMID Joint Special Representative (JSR) Ibrahim Gambari also known as The UN’s Dictator Envoy

The Nigerian diplomat Mr. Ibrahim Gambari the head of the joint African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur is now serving negative remarks regarding the situation in Darfur. In his remark in a recent press conference in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum he stated that; “At the height of the conflict in Darfur 2.7 million people were internally displaced. As we speak, according to OCHA estimates, it is now down to 1.7 million.” And that “The number of fatalities from direct clashes between the government and armed movements have declined significantly by about 70 per cent compared to the same period in the last three years.”In his opinion JSR Gambari thinks that Darfur has become safe and peaceful place, which can allow for the return of refugees and displaced persons to their villages from inside Sudan and neighboring States.In response to Gambari´s falsified remarks, residents of Darfuri refugee and IDPs camps demanded on 16 September that JRS Ibrahim Gambari, apologies to them or resign immediately from his position in the UNAMID.On 28 September, residents of 10 IDP camps in West Darfur issued a 72-hour ultimatum to the JSR Ibrahim Gambari after he had said in a press conference earlier this month about nearly 1.5 million refugees returning to their homes in Darfur.These figures given out by the JSR Gambari are false, according to UNOCHA in 2011, some 800.000 civilians were displaced in Jabel Marra and verification of the numbers of returnees has not been confirmed by the agency. The JSR is required to publish the factual information necessary to supper his allegations else the UNAMID is deem to lose trust and credibility among the people of Darfur and the international community.The refugees and IDPs have stated clearly their fundamental demands for the return, which include disarming of militias loyal to the government, trying the war criminals of Darfur in the ICC, compensation of victim and removing new settlers from their land. Thus there will be no peace with the regime until these demands are met.On 18 December, the JSR Gambari told AFP that, the door is closing for more rebel groups to join the peace process in Darfur… he stated that; « It seems difficult now, » and « If someone who you want to join the peace process is actually uniting for more conflict, that is not very helpful, » Gambari said, calling on the groups to work together for a peace that will end the long suffering of Darfur’s people. « We are still open to receive those movements who would like to join the peace process. The door is not completely close but it’s closing. »

In line with Official stand point of the Government of Sudan JSR Gambari On 19 December Janjaweed leader Musa Hilal called for a military action to protect the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in order to ensure its enforcement and end the over eight-year insurgency in western Sudan.African Union, who refuses to support the arrest the perpetrators of war crimes and genocide in Darfur on the pretext that the al-Bashir enjoys immunities and support him to remain immortal in power is to avoid arrest by the International Criminal Court.Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi has expressed dissatisfaction over UN’s inability to prevail upon the ruling military junta to expedite democratic reforms in the country. During an hour-long meeting with a top UN official, Ibrahim Gambari, Suu Kyi said that despite his efforts he failed to get pro-democracy leaders released or even convince the junta to put the country on the path of democracy. The mission of JSR Gambari in Darfur is deem to failure unless he implements the mandate of the UNAMID mission correctly and fully by providing a real protection to the civilians in Darfur instead of protections of the National Congress Party regime.

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