Les enfants enchaînés du Soudan, par Gaffar Mohammud Saeneen

The shackled children of Sudan.
By/ Gaffar Mohammud Saeneen.
The culture of torture of children under the pretext of religion education : is it an Islamic-Arab phenomenon or a Sudanese culture?
What has caught my attention and shook my feelings when I saw a short video on the social networking site Facebook tells the story of a Sudanese child whose legs are shackled with iron chains and his innocent face looks in a depressed state and his fragile body shaking in terror.
This innocent child tells the story of his torture in the Koran teaching schools in details and the way the religious teachers torture and abuse children in closed houses away from the eyes of society and the human conscience. He is quoted « My uncle took me to them with iron chains and they added additional chains in my legs ». The story of this innocent child reminded me of very painful days of my childhood in my home town and has recalled my personal memory to twenty-four years ago when my skinny legs  shackled with heavy iron chains and my back was burning from the lashes and swelled from signs of torture by the hands of religious teachers under pretext of teaching Koran and the time I was only nine years old orphan after all. The phenomenon of torture of children under the pretext of religion education in Sudan is an old phenomenon, renewed and continuous until this day in an organized manner under the cover, care and support of the state of political Islam. The torture of children under the pretext of teaching religion in sudan is directly linked to the project of political  Islam. The proof of what I say here is that the person who tortured me twenty-four years ago is now responsible for one of the largest mosques in the city of Nyala and has Kalashnikov in his possession licensed by the state to protect himself and the mosque! Is this just a coincidence? I do not think so, and why do they insist on teaching religion in this brutal and immoral manner?  Children should not be taught religion with love and a way of promoting humanity among humans?
The main objective behind this extensive religious teaching and doctrine in Sudan is to serve the project of political Islam which aimed at Arabization of Sudanese society as a whole by all means. By means of abusing and torturing the defenceless fragile children who are supposed to be cared and looked after with love and compassion but instead all methods and forms of torture are being practiced on them. All that is taught in the schools of religion is confusion and unconsciousness of mind in a deliberate manner and has nothing to do with ethical and human values. Instead of teaching children the values ​​of love and religious tolerance, children in the religion schools of  Sudan are taught a fierce hatred for other religions. Children in Sudanese religious schools are taught to demonize and hate both Christianty and Jewidism. Where are the values ​​here? And why all this insistence, because there is a dark force behind this absurd project to strengthen this backward ideology.
Today, we see there are hundreds of thousands of child victims in Sudan, especially of those poor and orphaned children of the marginalised regions, are being systematically programmed and brainwashed in the schools of religion by all possible ways and means from humiliation that do not conform to ethic. This is the reality of the poor and the orphans children in Sudan’s religious schools, a country which run and controls by dangerous  monsters and dirty poisonous multiple-heads snakes. my generation has been forced to the edge and was left with no alternative but to fight and so does the coming generations, because is nothing for them to look up to except the wrinkled faces of the ageing predators and we will never hesitate in performing our duty.
Paris/ 22/12/2017
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